Social responsibility

@ NeuroBrave – you’re in good hands
We take our customer’s and end-user data privacy seriously, this is why our technologies are designed from the ground up to:
  1. Work only with anonymized data
  2. Be Compliant with all privacy standards
  3. Make sure all raw data is erased during the process
At NeuroBrave we believe ethics is a part of what we do and consider it important as any other domain we invest our resources in.
The world is changing, biosignals and Neurotechnology are huge markets with an exponential growth index, facing challenges with human-technology interfaces, and there is much work to be done. Our point of view is that scientific progress shouldn’t be suppressed, but the commercialization of technologies can be restrained, specifically by proper intelligent regulation. We are committed to:
  1. Encourage and generate non-judgemental conversation with the community and any interested stakeholder
  2. Work with an open, straightforward approach
  3. Consult and collaborate with leading ethicists in the field
  4. Build our internal ethic code, conjured with the company road map and strategic decisions
  5. Publish from time to time our recommendations and point of view
  6. Work closely with any regulator or regulatory effort in the field
Security is an essence, not a feature.
Growing in an ecosystem of defensive cybersecurity, we leveraged our knowledge and partners in the community to build the best-practice protection for our products. We use top-notch technologies, putting great efforts and resources into:
  1. State of the art encrypted user registration and authenticating modules
  2. Proprietary packaging protocol
  3. Token and data encryption in all communication channels
  4. Cloud security based on AWS services and our own tools
  5. Anonymized and clean data pipeline
  6. Repeatable scheduled pen tests and architecture validation
  7. Cybersecurity consultants
We choose to use our know-how and resources to give back and help the community.

Leveraging our know-how and expertise in software, advanced biosignal algorithms and neuroscience to push forward medical and healthcare applications.

NeuroBrave management and employees volunteer in several hospitals, medical research labs, universities and non-profit organizations – testing, deploying and integrating where it is possible and appropriate, commercial and proprietary solutions to help brain diseases and mental disorders patients get better treatment and hopefully a more respectful life.

If you wish to join our volunteering program, please contact us through our ‘partners’ email

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