About us

We believe in collaboration
We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, business managers & tech experts, highly skilled in Deep Learning, signal processing, data science and Cloud, powered by top-notch neuroscience academic leaders and advisors, developing AI software solutions to connect people and technology through everyday wearable devices, biosensors and Neurotechnology.

Our vision

To be the gateway and enabler for all cognitive and Neurotechnology applications. We strive to be, as an end-to-end generic AI software solution (NeuroSpeed OS™) on every device, at all times, connecting people and technology.

Our mission

Responsibly and with care, developing software technologies, helping people to better understand themselves, cope better with day-to-day challenges, and have better control on our time and productivity.

It is now clear to all that technology is progressing exponentially, neuroscience is a field been explored for the last 100 years, and in the last decade, we see the rapid transition to Neurotechnologies – commercial and consumer application involving knowledge, science, and technology of the human brain and nervous system. Biosignals and neuro signals are now a matter of commodity, and the race is on whom would use all this progress for the better good and for looking inside ourselves to be better human beings.

Social responsibility

Our point of view is that technology is good, when – managing it responsibly, acting to restrain whenever needed, discussing all the challenges openly with professionals, opinion leaders and anyone with a good productive approach.

Please refer to our social responsibility page and learn more about the way we handle it and work for you.

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