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Plug & Play real-time neuromarkers generator

For the first time – consumer grade EEG signal barrier has been broken. NeuroBrave is now offering a non-invasive, real-time, high quality EEG spectral analysis working from 4 conductive fabric contact points to every device in the market up to medical-grade headsets.

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The Problem

The gap today is very wide for developing Neurotechnology product/service:

  • Scientific validation and R&D takes years and millions of USD
  • Market penetration is relatively slow
  • High performance and fidelity are mandatory

The Solution

A generic software solution (NeuroSpeed OS™) – best fitted for the industry demand:

  • Provides real-time cognitive states and neuromarkers insights as a service
  • Fully hardware agnostic – connected to most sensors and devices
  • Configurable spectral signal processing toolbox
  • Secure, GDPR compliant, scalable Cloud environment

R&D added values

Boost your R&D success, focus on your competitive advantage

  • Real-time online streaming pipeline
  • State of the art DNN accurate solutions
  • Hardware agnostic, including sync and triggering
  • Advanced signal processing, real-time ICA
  • Dashboards to visualize and deep dive
  • Available insights and solutions library
  • Easy, configurable API connecting to your database and application level

Financial added value

Boost your financial and strategic KPIs

  • Shorten TTM by 3-5 years 
  • Save millions of USD in software development 
  • Leverage existing solutions and components to hit the market faster, gain traction, and test your product in real world environment 
  • Keep your budget for proprietary inventions, product development and sales & marketing, by using NeuroSpeedOS™ secure, compliant and scalable cloud platform

* Propriety devices designed by you / Of-The-Shelf devices. Please view our list of recommended and supported hardware devices at the Pricing page.

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