We currently provide solutions for these three major markets, please contact us to learn more about use cases and customers list.

Manufacturing & Maintenance

Boost your manufacturing KPIs! Invest and empower your employees by providing them new tools to be more focused and productive

Get access to new data and leverage new technologies to reduce human factor errors and improve on-going performance

Be smarter, more employee-focused – learn how to build efficient assembly lines and PM scheduling


Join the next revolution in the gaming industry:
Real-time Adaptive Personal Experience!

Learn how to design your game best fitted for your gamer’s level of engagement. Use new matrices to accurately predict impulsive churn and forecast retention


Hit the market, fast.

Accelerate your TTM by at least 3 years, benefit from our high performance real-time signal processing and DNN pipeline, explore our solution library, log into our cloud infrastructure to scale up, save millions of USD in development and focus your resources and efforts on your unique science, IP, competitive advantages and product marketing.

The Neurotechnology industry is doubling itself every 2 years since 2015 and now consisted of more than 2500 companies.

Our products meet the requirements and give a huge added value to our customers, no matter if you are a research company, pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare, wellness, neurofeedback or neuromarketing – we got you covered!

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